Troubleshooting and Solutions for Zapier-Ashby Integration Issue

This meeting largely revolved around troubleshooting an issue with an application that integrates with the tool "Zapier" and third-party service, "Ashby". The issue at hand was an HTTP request error where the Zapier platform returned a "Bad Request" message, a status signifying a 400 error.

The participants in the meeting discussed the variety of potential issues that could be causing this, from misconfigured form data to issues with multipart formatting. Using as a tool for diagnosis, they were able to discern that the format of the data being sent to Ashby differed from the expected format. Specifically, the use of multipart form data was pinpointed as potentially leading to the issue. An attachment, in the form of a resume, was not being sent correctly via Zapier, and the form values were also not formatted correctly. The expectation was to have the form values, the attachment, and the correct content type (multipart form data) in the request, which was confirmed using Postman. The participants agreed to conduct further research on this issue offline, considering using a raw upload functionality built into Zapier, or a code step with fetch to potentially solve the problem. The primary keywords mentioned in this transcript include "Zapier", "JSON" and "Postman".

(Source: Office Hours 11/11 )

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