Troubleshooting and Streamlining Mobile Deployment for Android using Flutterflow

Meeting Summary:

The State Changers met to discuss an issue concerning mobile deployment and a significant number of unnecessary calls being run on the actual device as opposed to the web browser and Android Studio emulator. The issue was causing the mobile application's speed to degrade significantly. The participant mentioned that the support ticket raised for this issue had been handed over to the engineers, and they were waiting for the response. The meeting focused on identifying different strategies to debug this issue. A key recommendation was to simplify the system by developing a 'white room' app. By starting clean and progressively adding elements to this app, the team could more effectively isolate the component triggering the unnecessary calls. Another recommendation was to experiment with deploying the app directly from the team's PC to their devices, bypassing the CodeMagic build. This would enable them to identify if the issue persists with direct deployment. There was a concern about the complexities and additional workloads associated with these recommendations. However, it was acknowledged that mobile deployment often presents its challenges that need extra time and resources than deploying websites. Keywords mentioned: - FlutterFlow - Android Studio - CodeMagic - Google Play Store - Mobile Deployment - TestFlight - Emulator

(Source: Office Hours 5/12 )

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