Troubleshooting and Streamlining the Code Updating Process with WeWeb and GitHub

In this meeting, State Changers discussed the complexities of using WeWeb for self-hosting and dealing with issues arising from updating GitHub repositories.

Nathan discussed problems he faced when merging files, specifically duplication of CSS and JS files when pushing updates through GitHub. Ray clarified that the duplication is not an immediate issue and wouldn't cause conflicts in the near term as HTML files pull in new CSS or JS files with every update. They discussed the strategy of using 'git add --all' before committing changes, which effectively adds all new files to the repository, solving the problem of missing files. They tried running a script with this addition and it worked, streamlining the process into a one-click operation. Ray also emphasized the concept of "hashing," explaining that it's a mechanism to keep track of which files go with which versions, ensuring the correctness of the relationships between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. The discussions also touched upon WeWeb's self-hosting option, with Ray predicting that WeWeb would eventually realize the value of self-hosting for their user community and improve their service accordingly. In addition, it was clarified that excess files from previous versions are generally not a problem unless they bloat the repository to the point where it slows down the builds. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Git, GitHub, and WeWeb were mentioned during the conversation.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 10/17/2023 )

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