Troubleshooting API Call Issues with GPT-4

This meeting among the State Changers primarily focused on resolving a timing issue connected to API calls. A problem was identified wherein GPT-4 was responding slowly due to the set 10 seconds timeout. The solution offered was to increase the timeout to resolve the problem since GPT-4 is slower than its predecessors. With the increased timeout, GPT-4 wouldn't fail or terminate prematurely. The State Changers mentioned the speed of processing tokens by AI models. Since the model processes each token in sequence, the more tokens, the longer it can take. The State Changers discussed considering these factors in future to predict processing time. They also briefly touched upon working on Lang chain work and discussed the intricacies of AI, noting that many AI issues aren't actually about AI, but about oversights or lack of understanding in basic functions. No specific tools or software like Xano, WeWeb, FlutterFlow, etc. were mentioned in this conversation.

Keywords: State Changers, GPT-4, API, timeout, tokens, Lang chain work, AI.

(Source: Office Hours 6/22/2023 )

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