Troubleshooting API Calls and Data Structure in Xano

This meeting involves the State Changers discussing about structuring API calls, which is a crucial aspect of software development. The conversation revolves around using a specific API to fetch data about a non-profit director using their ID. The data is received well; however, there's confusion about how to handle the returned object, mainly since the object doesn't have a clear name.

During the meeting, the tool 'Xano' is referenced multiple times, mainly concerning confirming responses from the API. JavaScript, console log, and debugging methods are extensively utilized to dissect and understand the anonymous object. The issue arises when they attempt to handle the JSON response from Xano, particularly when the console doesn’t show an identifiable label for the object. The solution offered involves using JavaScript's console.log to print and inspect the API response object. Guidance is provided on how to access specific field values (like ID) in the object using dot notation. This summarization is particularly beneficial for individuals interested in understanding API calls and how to troubleshoot challenges related to anonymous JSON response objects in Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 9/12 )

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