Troubleshooting API Endpoint Issues, Streamlining Report Delivery and Optimizing Postmark Template

The State Changers in this meeting discussed troubleshooting a specific endpoint issue linked to querying a table in their app. The issue was that the table returned an array of resources with a null value before presenting the real URL. The issue was eventually tracked down to an incorrect variable reference.

Additionally, they discussed an optimization in their app where they wanted to deliver user-specific reports with a single authenticated get request rather than making two separate calls from the front end. The solution was to handle the entire process on the back-end using the auth token, which natively contains the user ID. Lastly, they discussed an issue with creating dynamic templates for branded emails. They encountered a problem with rendering a correctly-sized header image when the email is viewed on Microsoft Outlook. Following several attempts, they acknowledged the difficulties with HTML and emails. The group suggested using a service such as Litmus or PreviewMyEmail to get a preview of how emails would appear in various email clients before sending. The meeting concluded with the participants agreeing to conduct more research on tools to quickly and easily generate HTML for responsive emails. Key technological platforms and languages discussed in this meeting include HTML, Javascript, HTTP Get and Post requests, and variables in development.

(Source: Office Hours 10/13 )

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