Troubleshooting API Endpoints and File Resources in Zano Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers addressed two main issues. The primary problem revolved around the endpoint and an API request to get the file in question, which was being uploaded to Xano. The main challenge was properly using the file results. The State Changers determined that the solution was to use 'found Xano file dot response dot result' to get to the desired outcome.

The secondary issue was handling what happens when the first record is deleted. This led to a discussion about variables and how they are structured and accessed. The State Changers identified that there was confusion around whether the data in question was a variable or a collection. Eventually, it was determined to be a variable, and the participants discussed different manipulation techniques to solve the issues being faced. The discussion also included potential problems with data relationships and how they were being managed within the application. The conversation moved on to cover how the array was being manipulated and how this manipulation could solve some of the problems being faced. A significant portion of the meeting was spent examining scripts, variables, and actions, especially around uploading and deleting files, also addressing issues with file naming and extensions. By the end of the meeting, paths were created to resolve the existing problems and potential future troubles. Please note, this summarized transcript might be of interest to those who are working with Xano, handling API requests, dealing with variables and collections and array manipulation, or working on file upload and deletion mechanics.

(Source: Office Hours 8/9/2023 )

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