Troubleshooting API Endpoints with Dynamic Pathing in Xano and Adalo

The meeting was a discussion concerning the usage of "Xano", with the objective to utilize it in a dialogue for dynamic pathing within APIs. The participants termed this process as "Dynamic Pathing". The issue on the table was how to establish a particular mechanism in the system, known as Adalo, where a particular ID would get passed and subsequently utilized in a function stack. The problem arose from the need to set up the operation in a certain way that they haven't explored before.

Substantial portions of the meeting included a deep dive into the structure of Adalo and Xano, aiming to elucidate how to set them up correctly for these dynamic actions. One principle they revealed was that an endpoint to create a new request would most likely be set up without a request ID, whereas an endpoint with a "post ID" would be engineered to edit the request. One significant insight realized was that you can use what's coded in the "path" to feed directly into a function stack, which renders an unnecessary reliance on any associated question marks to make it operational. Additionally, the conversation explored the concept of collections in web development. Adalo, as a platform, had expectations of existing endpoint structures that the situation didn't meet, resulting in some difficulties or "griefing". A workaround they found was to set up custom, one-time (“ad-hoc”) actions, bypassing the need for the complete collection Adalo originally required. Finally, it was noted that synchronizing the frontend with a change in the data state might need an explicit command, suggesting potential additional steps for the implementation of the outlined changes. The meeting participants ended the session agreeing further exploration was needed, with a plan reported back with any new findings or issues.

(Source: Office Hours 7/31/2023 )

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