Troubleshooting API Error and Using Query Parameters in Xano and Wiz Applications

The State Changers had a discussion about a problem that was encountered while using "Xano". The error received read 'ID is not a valid integer'. The issue was related to the method of passing values through dynamic pathing using URL parameters. The proposed solution was to alter the settings in Xano, specifically changing the URL endpoint to use a query parameter instead. This was done because Wiz was passing the ID using a question mark (?), rather than pasting it in the path denoted by a curly brace. A participant reached out for help using "Zapier", stating that while they could create dates, they are unable to delete them. However, due to connectivity issues, as the participant was joining from a remote location, the conversation was interrupted. There was a reminder that changes needed to be published in the Xano endpoint.

(Source: Office Hours 5/19 )

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