Troubleshooting API Input Error and Discussion on Put vs Post Requests

The State Changers meeting revolved around troubleshooting an issue related to a PUT request operation. Participant Tom encountered an issue where an error code, "input Error missing param password", kept giving an error, even though the password parameter had been removed from the request. The other participants attempted to help Tom debug the issue from the Xano platform employed in their project.

Among the troubleshooting steps used included enabling the debugger, commenting out different sections of the request, and examining the API endpoint to identify any remnants of the removed password. The conclusion, however, was that there was a complex, hidden reference to the password within the system that was not displayed on the User Interface, causing a bottleneck in the process. Finally, the participants recommended rebuilding the API from scratch due to the underlying hidden complexity. Furthermore, there was a discussion regarding the use of PUT versus POST HTTP methods, where it was advised that the selection of methods should be beneficial to both the user and their colleagues. It was conveyed that generally GET, POST, and DELETE methods were most commonly used, and PUT and PATCH should only be used under specific circumstances. However, the issue with the PUT request remained unresolved by the end of the meeting, but Tom was confident that he would be able to fix it by the start of the next day. The discussion also suggested possible use of State Change extension with the Xano APIs, with the expectation of news about it in the near future. There was no reference to any of the other keywords in the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 2/20 )

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