Troubleshooting API Integration and Endpoint Issues in Xano

During this meeting between the State Changers, the main focus was on making API to go, specifically dealing with certain functions not pulling up as expected. The issue appears to be associated with the handling of boolean parameters in the API. The parameters weren't showing up in their intended URL, causing problems.

Several attempts were made to debug the issue. Initially, they found that Boolean parameters weren't passing into the URL. Software called Xano was used during the debugging process, along with other tools for inspecting the functioning of the code, such as creating variables out of inputs, stopping and debugging, and manipulating the data types of the input variables. Further investigation showed that false boolean values were being represented as blank strings in the URL. They tried converting the Boolean value to integers (1 for true, 0 for false) and experimenting with the data types to see if the API endpoint would recognize the input values. The API's response, in this case, was critical since there was uncertainty about what the API was expecting. There was also a hypothesis that API response varied depending on whether the input was explicitly included or not, particularly when the value is false. If no solution is found, the team suggested reaching out to the community for help, and a possibility of an issue on the side of the API was also considered. The meeting didn't conclude with a clear resolution, but the team agreed to continue their efforts to rectify the problem.

(Source: Office Hours 2/6 )

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