Troubleshooting API Integration Logic and Database Handling

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed some confusion regarding the authentication process and the usage of different IDs. They clarified that the user ID is used for authentication, while the clickup ID is stored in the user table. They also discussed the possibility of making the process easier for teachers by reducing the number of clicks required to sync data. They explored options such as using automations or trigger fields to streamline the process. The State Changers also discussed the ability to run code in debug mode without having to copy the JSON payload each time. They learned that the run debug feature is specific to debug mode and cannot be replicated in live mode. Finally, they addressed some issues with database logic and discussed how to handle validations and error prevention on the front end and back end. They also explored the utility function feature in Xano, which allows them to group code sections for better organization and readability. Overall, the meeting was focused on understanding and resolving technical challenges related to authentication, data syncing, and code execution.

(Source: Office Hours 3/28 PM )

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