Troubleshooting API Requests and Data Handling with Xano

The State Changers meeting focused on solving specific programming queries pertaining to the software Xano. One of the participants, Tim, had issues with his GET request, specifically when it came to the return of an integer value rather than the desired information. His initial workaround was changing a category ID column from a single value to a list, allowing him to use an add-on in the API and return extra info. However, the results were still not as expected as they appeared as an array.

The team suggested a solution where Tim did not need to convert the ID into a list but to keep it as a regular integer. By manipulating the endpoint and using the "add-on" feature offered by Xano at a different process stage, the desired information could be accessed without creating an array. The meeting provided essential insight into working with Xano software, focusing on GET request handling and converting integers into desired category information. The team also shared tips on using multiple tabs for Xano and handling the add-on feature in a more efficient way.

(Source: Bonus - Ray At Xano Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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