Troubleshooting API Response Handling and Conditional Filtering Techniques

In this meeting, the State Changers focused on API responses and conditions in coding. They discussed a situation where depending on the data, different variables were needed (the CUID or pub ref), but if one did not exist, the system failed. To work around this, they considered using logical tricks like if-then conditions.

They also looked into the issue of having an extra attribute in 4.3 and how an If-Then condition might not work as expected. To prevent system failures when a variable (e.g., pubref) did not exist, they sought to filter on the object ( sub IDs) which was always present and check if a certain path existed. A crucial insight was the use of logical operators and understanding that these return either true or false, which can then be used to either pull up or discard data. They discussed the use of filter, has, get and is empty commands to determine whether a variable existed, was blank or null. The State Changers also touched upon using these same methods when interacting with the API component, particularly to handle situations where certain attributes in the data (like geopoints tied into the address) were missing. While no specific tools or technologies were mentioned explicitly from the list, the principles discussed could apply to various programming languages and environments.

(Source: Office Hours 3/2 )

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