Troubleshooting Array Manipulation and Data Type Conflicts in Bubble and Xano

The State Changers had a focused meeting on addressing issues mainly related to the integration of Bubble and Xano. They discussed problems with adding and subtracting integers from an array within a Bubble application linked to a Xano database. Bubble was unable to cast a string back into a number, causing the manipulation issue.

A point of consideration was whether to maintain IDs as text or numbers in the Xano environment. As Xano can accept strings given as numbers, the team advised using text to avoid integration problems with Bubble. The State Changers agreed that when faced with a limitation within Bubble, the logical step would be to send that data through an API call to be processed in Xano, where more complex operations are feasible. This approach not only bypasses Bubble's restrictions but also optimizes the speed of operation, which is one of the main objectives of using Xano. Additionally, the team acknowledged that managing visibility conditions must be handled on the Bubble end, as such frontend issues fall outside Xano’s scope. A suggestion was made to have separate Xano endpoints for different data types in order to overcome the issue of data type compatibility. Finally, the team recognized the importance of moving quickly in getting the applications into the user's hands in order to effectively identify and optimize any performance issues. The slowest performing endpoints can then be prioritized for optimization.

(Source: Office Hours 10/6 Late )

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