Troubleshooting Array Queries and Manipulation in Google Keywords Data Retrieval

The State Changers discussed an issue regarding filtering records by an array's length. Their project used Google keywords to find records with a zero-length array. However, the system did not work as expected, possibly due to a bug. Initially, they tried to filter records by querying one at a time but switched to querying all records when the initial method failed.

The solution proposed was to retrieve all records and then filter out the ones with non-empty arrays. They used a for-each loop and an if statement within a data manipulation block. After retrieving all records, they created a variable "filterGMBs" to store the filtered results. Their loop examined each record, and if the Google keywords' count equaled zero (meaning the array was empty), they stored that record in the filterGMBs variable and terminated the loop. This solution worked for their task, although it's not a perfect method for dealing with large data sets. Across the discussion, different tools and languages were mentioned, including: Google, Xano, data manipulation, lambda, for-each loop, SQL, and array. There was a detailed focus on solving problems using custom queries and array filters in Xano. An array function error led the group to suspect possible bugs in Xano’s system.

(Source: Office Hours 9/13 )

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