Troubleshooting array sorting issue and app verification error

In this meeting, Krishna shares that they have successfully merged two arrays and used a loop to modify periods. However, they are now trying to sort the merged array by start date. They are unsure of how to convert the start date to a timestamp and where to make the conversion. The State Changer provides some guidance, suggesting that the format of the start date is fine for sorting. Krishna attempts to sort the array but encounters an error message. They question whether the sort should be done using "I text" and the State Changer reassures them that it will be fine. Krishna thinks the sorting issue is resolved, but later realizes that there is an issue with the periods. The State Changer catches this issue and suggests further investigation. Another participant, Pavel, mentions a problem with installing the app on their iPhone and requests to discuss it in a later meeting. The meeting ends with the State Changer expressing gratitude and confirming the continuation of office hours for the next week.

(Source: Office Hours 6/9 )

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