Troubleshooting Authentication and Integration Issues with Outseta and App Development Tools

In the meeting, the State Changers discuss in-depth about certain code-related issues. The main context is debugging an inconsistency between an application and a token from a program named Outseta. More specifically, the issue revolves around the app not recognizing a user's profile even though they were authenticated, possibly due to the token information not being saved in Outseta's memory.

Nathan, a meeting participant, initially queries the error causing this with the help from the rest. They demonstrate the problem live, including the codes they suspect have issues, and look into the functions that might be running rogue that could be causing the inconsistency. In studying the app published under Nathan's name, they find that the token is stored globally but not locally. The main idea proposed to rectify the situation is to modify a couple of JavaScript lines of code and add them in a certain step in the program. Specifically, Outseta's access token needs to be set and saved into its memory, which will then help it recognize a user's profile. The important keywords mentioned include Outseta, WeWeb, Xano, access token, and JavaScript. The group finally encourages Nathan to incorporate these modifications and run the program again.

(Source: Office Hours 10/3/2023 )

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