Troubleshooting Authentication Issues with Flutterflow and Xano

The State Changers' meeting tackled issues concerning Flutterflow and Xano, specifically revolving around authorization errors experienced during the integration of the two platforms. Misconfiguration of authentication in API endpoints on Xano was discovered, with the primary problem being the auth token generated from the wrong table. The token was being created for the 'notification' table instead of the 'user' table, which was causing authorization issues in the system. After identifying and correcting the source of the token generation in the endpoints, the issues on both Flutterflow and Xano were resolved, enabling proper authentication when making API calls. Learnings from the meeting included the importance of correctly configuring auth tokens in a multi-authentication system like Xano and the challenges of troubleshooting connected platforms. The meeting offers valuable insights into correctly setting up and troubleshooting authorization problems between Flutterflow and Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 5/31 AM )

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