Troubleshooting Authentication Issues with Instagram and Auth0

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the process of integrating user authentication for Instagram through Auth0. They noted that while Auth0 conveniently integrates Twitter and Google, Instagram doesn't appear on the social connection page. They determined that Instagram doesn't support basic end-user authentication through Auth0 but provides an API to access Instagram data.

A key point of discussion was the differentiation between OAuth flow for relaying permissions between apps and the more specific OIDC for user identification. They established that Instagram does support the OAuth flow for professional accounts but isn't compatible for user authentication. They then proceeded with an alternative approach by using the Instagram Basic Display API to authenticate that a user owns a particular username. The State Changers navigated through various development and debugging stages on Instagram's developer platform, setting up an app with the necessary permissions. The significant insights from the meeting could be helpful for developers seeking to integrate Instagram related functionalities in their application, particularly concerning user authentication and permissions management. Part one of their process involved developing a custom URL to redirect users for Instagram authentication, exploring the OAuth2 connection, and managing Instagram's Basic Display API to authenticate usernames.

(Source: Office Hours 8/25/2023 )

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