Troubleshooting Background Task Bugs and Implementing Diagnostic Procedures in Xandr

The State Changers meeting primarily focused on issues concerning background tasks in the Xano platform. They discussed the significance of debugging tasks, using published functions, and understanding the functionalities of "Draft" and "Published" versions.

A problem with a particular background task was examined: a task failure due to an unidentified variable. This task was associated with the creation of questions, utilizing the inventory ID of 22, but was failing. The team concluded that part of the issue was because the "create questions" function was in draft mode. Xano only runs published versions of functions, and thus, the task was not recognizing the recent changes in the draft mode. It was emphasized that whenever a task is running, it operates on the last published version. If changes are made in draft mode, they won't take effect until it is published. Therefore, they proposed publishing the changes for the task to ideally work as planned. The State Changers also recommended setting up an event log table to track the progression of tasks and diagnose issues more effectively. The team suggested inserting actions in the functions to add records to an event log table at crucial points to capture key events sequentially. The meeting left with action points including tracking the implementation of the suggested solutions and evaluating their outcomes.

(Source: Office Hours 2/9 )

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