Troubleshooting Bio Picture Update and Artwork Favoriting Features in Xano Platform

The State Changers discussed troubleshooting a user profile picture change issue involving Xano. They found that the source of the issue was the mishandling of an object instead of the value of that object. It was pointed out that when retrieving data from the database, it’s more advantageous to perform additional processing or reassembly closer to the user, even client-side, due to larger available computing horsepower. The difference between ".syntax" and "get filter" was highlighted, with ".syntax" being faster and "get filter" being safer as it includes a backup plan if the data being searched for does not exist.

They covered how to flag favorite art pieces for users, suggesting to maintain a list of favorites on the client-side due to its negligible size and thus, cost. They proposed to first retrieve the favorites list of a user, then compare if any item from the next set of random art to display exists on that list. Lastly, they discussed video creation tools for instructional videos, recommending Snagit, Descript, Loom, Vidyard. Among these, Descript appealed due to the ease of editing videos via transcripts. That being said, it was noted that the most suitable tool would be subjective, differing based on personal intuition and workflow requirements.

(Source: Office Hours 7/26 )

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