Troubleshooting Bubble to Xano Database Integration and Notifications

The State Changers’ meeting centered around troubleshooting an issue with the interaction between Bubble and Xano. One participant was facing difficulty setting an alert in Bubble to trigger after downloading a list and writing to the database is complete. The problem was that the alert would activate prematurely, and the participant wanted it to notify when the writing to the database is done.

The discussion revolved around understanding the process: a user uploads information from Bubble to Xano and wants Bubble to fire off a message once successful completion of this transaction. The alert is tied to the completion of an API workflow that is scheduled and runs asynchronously. A solution proposed was to sequence events such that an event fires off once the API workflow happens, triggering a notification. Thus, placing an alert on the button wouldn't be fitting. Instead, a separate flow should be created, which would be linked to the API workflow’s completion, triggering the alert notification. The discussion ended without confirming if this solution worked, hinting at a possible follow-up to further delve into the issue. The meeting was insightful for anyone working with Bubble and Xano and attempting to set up specific alerts on data transfer completion. Keywords mentioned in the transcript: Xano, Bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 8/10 )

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