Troubleshooting Certification and Provisioning Issues in the Apple Developer Page

The meeting was primarily about resolving technical issues associated with the development and deployment of a mobile app. The State Changers were involved in troubleshooting the configuration of certificates and permissions on the Apple Developer platform, with the central problem pertaining to a "missing permissions" error during the uploading of a p12 certificate and a mobile provision package. These permissions relate to in-app purchases and push notifications.

There was also a detailed discussion about the "associated domains" and "deep linking" features of the app which led to the determination that misconfiguration in these areas might be the root cause of the issues. The discussion involved platforms like Bravo Studio and the troubleshooting involved quite a bit of interfaces navigation on these platforms. By the end of the meeting, it was decided that further investigation needs to be carried out regarding the interaction between Bravo Studio and associate domains to finally resolve the issue. The State Changers planned to Google the issue with Bravo Studio and associated domains to find possible solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 9/19 )

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