Troubleshooting Code and Discussing Automation in No-Code Scenario

The State Changers had a detailed discussion about an issue involving the manipulation of the session ID during their coding process. They discovered a discrepancy, where the session ID was being returned as null, creating a problem within their process flow. Through in-depth debugging and tracing the problem back to its origin, they found that the session ID they were expecting wasn't being passed around correctly. They identified an underutilized 'merchant session ID' within their debugger. The participants agreed that they needed to switch their process to use 'merchant session ID' instead of 'session ID', solving their problem.

There was also a conversation around the manipulation of URLs, in which the State Changers found their URL encoding process to be incorrect. They realized that they were encoding the entire URL string rather than specific components, which led to rendered URLs that lacked meaningful key-value pairs. Aside from coding complexities, there was also an overview of the limitations present in no-code environments. Despite being designed to streamline and simplify development, these environments often create workload bottlenecks, as they require high levels of interaction. The participants concluded that better automation within no-code environments would significantly elevate their usefulness and desired features. Throughout the meeting, there was persistent focus on understanding and rectifying the immediate coding issues, accompanied by long-term suggestions for improving no-code environments and the future applications of AI. Several platforms such as Xano, Webflow, and other no-code tools were also mentioned during the discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 3/9 )

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