Troubleshooting Code and Workflow Execution in WeWeb Development Environment

The State Changers were troubleshooting an issue with their code where a function was not executing as expected, particularly concerning lines 32 and 36, which were executing when they shouldn't have due to a problematic response. They speculated that the function handle response and retry wasn't being invoked.

The meeting primarily comprised of a deep dive into the code to debug the issue, involving examining particular lines of code and adding console logs to track execution. They discovered the function named 'handle response and retry' was not getting invoked at all within their code. They attempted to correct this by calling this function after line 43 of their script, which led to an error indicating the workflow was not found. They next focused on ensuring the ID of the workflow was correct and republishing their work. Despite these attempts, the workflow was still not found when attempting to execute it. The team speculated this may have been due to a possible issue with WeWeb, as the workflow was recognized in the editor mode but not in the published site. They decided to reach out to WeWeb related to this anomaly. They concluded the meeting with a resolution to continue the conversation on their project forum and seek insights from their colleagues in France. Keywords mentioned: WeWeb.

(Source: Office Hours 6/14/23 )

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