Troubleshooting Code Errors and Implementing Effective Coding Practices

This State Changers meeting involves Michael attempting to replicate a previous code within the terminal, specifically, a Windows terminal. The process faced several errors leading to a step-by-step walkthrough aimed at troubleshooting the issues present.

The process involved various steps: 1. Linking a series of commands using ampersands. 2. Trying the different commands separately from the terminal. 3. Tips on using CMD or PS files for Windows which are not terminal focused. 4. The use of the expand archive command, since unzip is not a Windows command, to unpack zipped files into the desired locations. 5. Git installation and use: Git was used to add all the files in the directory being worked with through the 'git add --all' command, and then committing these changes with 'git commit'. 6. Authentication and sign in relating to git push. 7. Deleting, committing, and pushing changes in files using GitHub desktop, important for easy clean-up of unwanted pages once the work is done. 8. Constructing a string of commands using double ampersands that work by simply pasting into a terminal or a .ps text file which can be run by clicking. The tools discussed in this meeting are the terminal (both Windows and macOS), Git, the expand archive command, GitHub desktop, and .ps text files. These are used to manipulate and manage files, with particular reference to quickly adding all desired files, committing changes, and removing unwanted pages. This meeting concludes with Michael opting to try re-construction of the string of commands and promising to provide an update on its success.

(Source: Office Hours 10/18/2023 AM )

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