Troubleshooting Code Issues and Strategizing Mobile versus Desktop Development for Artwork Database

This meeting involved a discussion between the State Changers about handling data, responsive design, and creating different user experiences for different roles within an application.

The participant named David was struggling with his code not generating art as expected. The meeting participants encouraged him to try out the simplest and most direct way to resolve this issue, emphasizing that it aligns with the philosophy of tackling easy tasks first for maximum velocity. They also addressed a question posed by David about favoriting items, suggesting using a cookie to store user favorites to reduce internet traffic. The State Changers noted that multiple correct strategies could be viable depending on the complexity of the data structure in use. Another core topic involved deciding on an optimal strategy for different user experiences across devices — desktop and mobile. The suggestion here was to consider creating separate applications for each use case (artist's role and consumer's role), powered by a common data source, which could reduce overall complexity. In particular, this involved considering whether Webflow was the best platform for a mobile-first approach, given that the majority of end-users would be accessing the application through mobile. The State Changers also touched upon the potential of React Native apps for mobile development, mentioning tools like Draftbit and AppGyver. To close the meeting, the participants clarified how to use GET variables in URLs correctly, correcting an issue spotted in David's code where a space was used instead of ampersand in the Webflow URL. Overall, significant keywords mentioned in the meeting include Xano, JavaScript, Webflow, React, AppGyver, Draftbit, and State Changers.

(Source: Office Hours 7/11 )

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