Troubleshooting Coding Issues and Improving Debugging Techniques for Efficient App Development

The State Changers meeting centered around debugging a coding issue presented by Justin with assistance from another State Changer. The issue was an inconsistency in the output when a debug stop was removed; the system was supposed to call a restaurant and a menu then return the result. When debug stop was off, it prompted an error message indicating the category was missing.

The State Changers proposed setting up a trap using conditional if-then operations to examine the content of the function generating the error. The trap was designed to throw up a stop and debug feature only when the error occurred, allowing them to pinpoint the problem. They also discussed an HTTP 406 error that signified a failed request. To mitigate this, they suggested using a continuous set under data manipulation loops to skip over the error. Another issue raised by Justin entailed the system returning an empty result. The solution proposed was to create an array called 'errors,' part of the return payload, which would ordinarily be blank unless there were errors. This way, partial responses and errors could be handled simultaneously. The meeting focused on debugging procedures, error handling, and prevention methods.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 6/15 )

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