Troubleshooting Coding Issues and Streamlining Data Management in Xano

Meeting Summary:

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed debugging and modifying a work in progress using a function stack in the coding platform Zano. They focused on refining their approach to handling the 'fields' and 'params' in their code. Interactions with other systems such as Webflow and their CMS were also discussed in relation to structuring and transferring data. The main points of the meeting were: 1. They progressed with their work on Zano, debugging and making modifications where necessary. They focused on handling 'fields' and 'new data', using a function stack and debugging process. They explored creating variables and setting values, and understanding what the results mean in the debugger. 2. The State Changers discussed the challenges concerning matching field names between the form inputs and the CMS, stressing the importance of their alignment for data to flow accurately. 3. They compared 'set' and 'path'. The path was explained to be the name of the 'key', which must match the field name as expected in the CMS, which is in turn handled by the function stack. 4. In their Zano implementation, the State Changers agreed on getting rid of certain sets inside the 'params' as it would be replaced by 'new data'. The switch aimed to streamline the process and make it easier to debug. 5. They planned to dive deeper into using 'create object from entries', which invokes some Lambda elements unknown to some members, during their next meeting. In conclusion, this meeting would be suitable for viewers interested in understanding Zano function stacks, debugging, and modifying codes, as well as handling data flow between different systems.

(Source: Office Hours 8/11 )

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