Troubleshooting Complex API Calls and Data Filtering in Bubble and Xano

In the meeting, the State Changers focused on troubleshooting and conceptual understanding of manipulating data through API calls in Xano and Bubble. One of the participants was experiencing issues with a merged search in Bubble, but the primary focus was on navigating Xano to create an object from an API feed and varying lists of inputs.

The core problem was creating a process for taking multiple inputs such as games, teams, and players, using these to fetch API data, and filtering this data based on the specific requirements. Specifically, they wanted to filter data using player IDs and extract only certain attributes (e.g., 'at bats' and 'left on base'). The solution offered involved leveraging Xano's array filtering functions. They discussed iterating through their list of players and for each player, using the 'find first element' function to extract the player with matching criteria, adding this to a separate filtered array containing only the desired player data. The approach required looping over a search as opposed to a single API call. Also discussed was the concept of creating new variables from relevant data points rather than subtracting from an existing variable. Thus, to get the desired information, they would first filter the array to get the players, then from these objects, extract only the attributes they were interested in. They concluded with a brief mention about addressing the Bubble troubleshooting issue if time permitted. This summary is particularly useful for those interested in data manipulation through APIs, specifically in using platforms like Xano and Bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 8/17 )

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