Troubleshooting Coordinates Input Issue and Exploring Web Development Tools: Xano, WeWeb, and Flutterflow

This meeting among State Changers focused on resolving coding issues with a project involving "Xano" and "WeWeb". Detailed guidance was provided to overcome a specific issue regarding geo-coordinates, which threw an error when a participant tried to use them in the "Xano" platform during a project. The meeting offered insight into the correct usage of "set if not empty" vs. 'first if not empty' functions. The former is recommended when dealing with objects such as geo-coordinates, as it is designed to work with more complex structures. This helps future users analyze and solve similar issues when encountering errors with geo-coordinates in Xano and other platforms. The discussion also highlighted the host's rich offering of tutorials on platforms like "WeWeb", "Xano", and "FlutterFlow", which seemed to be helpful resources for the participants. Apart from the project-specific discussions, there were also lighter moments such as appreciating and learning from the problems of others.

(Source: Bonus - Ray At Xano Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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