Troubleshooting Cryptography and Lambda Function Issues in Xano and Blockchain Development

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a particular issue regarding the lambda functions in the Xano platform. A participant faced a technical problem with the returned value length when he tried to implement a certain function, specifically an encrypt call. It was suspected to be caused by the incorrect order of arguments in the encrypt call or a potential issue in JavaScript toolchain mapping from the documentation.

The team suggested several approaches to troubleshooting, including investing time to understand how the legacy systems work, defining what a correctly working system would look like, and systematically testing to confirm if each technique works. They also advised against assuming that it would be resolved quickly, considering that cryptography is inherently complicated. The team couldn’t solve the issue on-call due to its complex nature and urged the participant to share the problem on their forum, with comprehensive information about the documentation, the intended results, and the current code used in Xano. The participant was encouraged to engage actively in the community forum, where more thorough and paced help could be provided. Overall, the participant was encouraged to dive deeper into learning about cryptography as it is a complex but essential aspect of their work, particularly in the domain of blockchain technology.

(Source: Office Hours 9/15/2023 )

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