Troubleshooting CSV Generation and File Download Issues within Xano and FlutterFlow

The State Changers discussed the challenge of generating and downloading CSV files through a platform called Xano. One participant had managed to generate the CSV using Xano but was unsure how to download it. Following a screen-sharing session and in-depth discussion, they collectively developed a workaround. They revised the function on Xano to not only generate the CSV file but also create a URL for the file. They then decided to use this URL in Flutterflow, and instruct it to open the link in a new window. The strategy circumvents the initial problem by turning the CSV into a downloadable file and returning the file's URL for easy access. The meeting proved technical and mutually enriching, though participants noted the need for Flutterflow to improve in its handling of downloads. It ended on a positive note with appreciation for the proposed solution and eagerness to test it in practice. The most mentioned tools were Xano and Flutterflow.

(Source: Office Hours 10/9/2023 )

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