Troubleshooting Custom Fonts and Icons Integration in WeWeb

The meeting involved the State Changers discussing methods on how to add custom fonts and icons, specifically from Phosphor Icons, to WeWeb. The discussion featured possible solutions like using a custom code and adding a link to the Phosphor Icons GitHub. They also manipulate the script tag to address the issue further. They encountered some hurdles when the implemented solution did not display the icon. The group decided to elaborate on this problem on the forum to find an applicable solution. They believe that they might be close to the answer and hope to solve it by the next day. As a side note, the meeting highlighted the recurring issue of bringing external resources into WeWeb and the team's efforts to resolve this in the future through certain tools. Overall, the meeting focused on challenges and possible solutions regarding the customization of WeWeb with external resources.

(Source: Office Hours 5/24 )

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