Troubleshooting Dart's Runtime Error Handling in Flutterflow App Development

In the meeting convened by the State Changers, the participant, John, faced a problem related to running a part of code on platforms like test flight and internal test track on Google Play using Flutterflow. The code worked fine in run mode and on Android devices but fails on these platforms. The problem could be due to language interpretation differences in JavaScript, used by browsers, which is forgiving, and other stringent languages used by mobile platforms.

The issue was specific to a function related to recipe creation in an app being developed. The function creates a 'meal' and a set of 'ingredients' within it by running through a loop based on an array response from an API call. It was suspected that a custom action connected with the function might be the root cause. A solution was discussed to introduce error handling in the function. They decided to use a try and catch block to diagnose errors during runtime. The changes were made live during the meeting to the code. The adjustment might help in managing an uncontrolled array and subsequently handling errors. However, further tests in different states and a test mode are required to analyze potential improvements. The specific code languages in use were Flutterflow, Dart, JavaScript, and React Native.

(Source: Office Hours 10/5/2023 PM )

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