Troubleshooting Dashboard Display Issues & Understanding Database Joins in Zano

During the meeting, the State Changers helped a participant troubleshoot an issue they were experiencing with their application built on the Xano platform. They noticed a bug where user bookings were displaying past classes, even though they had set a filter for future classes only. Through a deep examination of their custom query, the State Changers identified that the tables were not correctly linking to each other, although they seemed to be in the filter view.

To fix the issue, they used a JOIN clause to connect the bookings and dates tables in Xano, specifically connecting the 'booking.dateID' to the 'dates.ID.' Although the user found JOINs conceptually challenging, they were reassured this was normal when new to this type of database interaction. The user also received an explanation of relational databases and table relationships during this process. The meeting also involved a tangential discussion about the use of Auth vs. user ID inputs in API calls. It seemed that while using Auth is typically better for security, it was causing access issues in this scenario. Despite the session coming to a close before a definitive solution was found, the user was left well equipped to continue troubleshooting their application's issue. They were advised to continue refining and testing their new query, which though initially returned empty results, showed progress as it no longer reflected the incorrect data. Keywords mentioned: Xano, Auth, JOIN clause, ID, User bookings, Dates, Relational databases.

(Source: Office Hours 6/14/23 )

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