Troubleshooting Data Analysis and Function Execution in Zano and Other Software Tools

In this meeting, the State Changers worked collaboratively to debug and troubleshoot a variety of coding issues. Technical contributions focused mostly on JavaScript functionality, using debugging tools, and proper utilization of console logs.

1. The first issue revolved around a specific 'for each' loop function in Xano. The function was not adequately summing up the desired fields, and it seemed to fail on the last two variables. The debugging involved setting and checking conditions, ensuring variables were correctly being initialized, and deploying 'stop and debug's to observe the operation in progress. After a meticulous debugging session, the error was traced to a mismatched mapping in EPIC IDs. Rectifying this produced the desired result, successfully solving the issue. 2. The second issue was related to a function titled 'Add slide to list' that wasn't firing as expected. This problem was in the JavaScript realm, where the function appeared to break after a single loop iteration. Although the issue was not fully resolved within the meeting, it was suggested to leverage the 'console.log' as a debugging tool, progressively moving it within the function to locate where the break was happening. The keywords mentioned in the discussion include 'JavaScript', 'Xano', and 'loop', fostering a deep technical dive into the mentioned programming language and querying tool. The session was significant in terms of providing practical strategies for debugging code and using data analysis tools for targeted problem-solving. Future attendees who grapple with similar challenges in JavaScript and Xano can benefit from this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 12/8 )

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