Troubleshooting Data-Based Transactions: Understanding Function Stacks and Editing Records in Xano

In this State Changers meeting, the primary focus was on using "Xano" to manage database transactions specifically within the context of financial applications. Here are the key points:

1. A significant portion of the meeting was devoted to debugging a Xano function stack that was designed to handle a transaction between two accounts. The issue found was in step two get record that was trying to get user data where only account data was needed. 2. Participants focused on how to use Xano’s core functionalities such as setting preconditions (e.g., ensuring the transferred amount cannot exceed the source account balance) and applying the relevant ‘get record’ and ‘edit record’ functions on the right database entries. 3. A recurring lesson was understanding the importance of variable naming conventions in Xano developers need to be consistent with how they name their variables to understand better what's going on, especially when the complexity of the functions increases. 4. They discussed the necessary steps of editing records for financial transactions, including identifying the correct row for modifying and specifying the column to be changed. There was a clear distinction between 'where' to make changes and 'how' to modify them. 5. The importance of building a detailed transaction log in financial applications was discussed. It was suggested for future consideration to create a log of transactions, recording who sends money to whom and when. 6. Participants were urged not to shy away from making mistakes and learning from them, and to utilize resources such as tutorials offered by Xano, reviewing past office hours, posting questions on the forum, and watching recorded videos to understand concepts better. Overall, this meeting would be useful for individuals seeking detailed guidance on handling database transactions in Xano, especially in the context of financial apps, and gaining insights on structuring and debugging function stacks.

(Source: Office Hours 9/14/2023 )

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