Troubleshooting Data Binding and Variable Modifications in WeWeb Development

In this meeting, the State Changers were troubleshooting an issue related to array objects in a software application built using WeWeb. They were dealing with an erroneous click function that was updating the wrong object in an array.

The goal was to click on one specific object denoted by an ID, and change its 'Over' value from 'False' to 'True'. However, when they tested it, they found that the function was updating the 'Over' value for the wrong object. To resolve this, they checked the workflow of the click function and found that it was altering a variable. They decided to reshuffle the function so that it would modify the object directly, rather than the variable. This required identification of the object's index, which at first presented a challenge. However, they managed to overcome this difficulty by using an array function that located the unique key of the object, then returned its index. This allowed them to reference the correct object and change its 'Over' value. After this alteration was made, they tested the function, which was now able to detect the correct index and edit the right object. Although the resolution was not immediate and took some time to troubleshoot, both parties were satisfied with the result and one of the State Changers even admitted that he had grown fond of using WeWeb despite a challenging beginning. They concluded that further action may need to be taken in the future regarding backend issues, but agreed to look into this in subsequent meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 1/19 PM )

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