Troubleshooting Data Issues in Xano API Integration

During this meeting, Anthony presents his progress on the editing portion of their project. He explains that he has grouped the editing functions into one array called the status array last, which aligns with what they had discussed previously. However, he mentions encountering similar issues as before when updating each individual record. The team then narrows in on the issue with passwords and discusses how they should be stored and managed. They also discuss the structure of the data and the best approach for the machine and human readability. It is suggested to have a flatter structure for the machine's convenience. They also identify some issues with the edit and get record functions, where some data is not being properly retrieved. They investigate the source user update and find that some fields are missing. It is suggested that this could be an issue with the get function not properly sharing the fields inside the vendor keys. They make the necessary adjustments and continue with their work. The meeting ends with a brief discussion about a separate topic related to a YouTube video.

(Source: Office Hours 6/7 )

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