Troubleshooting Data Query and Display Issues with Xano and WeWeb

This meeting of the State Changers involves a detailed discussion and troubleshooting session pertaining to the participants' work with Xano and WeWeb. The issue revolves around the application's behavior when querying a table and attempting to pull a new record after a record has been marked as complete via the 'completed' Boolean field.

The problem is that the platform apparently isn't pulling the next record as expected. The group discusses the functionality of Xano and WeWeb, including the differences between 'Fetch Collection' and 'Request' in WeWeb. The team concludes that a possible solution could be the use of Fetch Collection, which seems to have the dual functionality of not just querying Xano for data, but also applying the retrieved data to WeWeb. The team believes that with Fetch Collection, there might be no need for the 'Request' step. Further testing is suggested to verify this theory. The discussion could be of interest to individuals seeking troubleshooting assistance or understanding of specific WeWeb and Xano functionalities.

(Source: Office Hours 10/24 )

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