Troubleshooting Data Transfer from Webflow to Airtable via Alfie

The State Changers discussed a problem encountered while attempting to send Webflow data to Airtable via Alfie. The form was consistently producing an error with a 500 status code, a common issue that the State Changer presenting has experienced before. Initial suspicion was a minor typo or misspelling, possibly in naming conventions.

However, after delving into the process and exploring the flow of the action, they discovered that the HTTP request wasn't executing as expected. When the data was sent, fields were receiving an object named "detail" that contained a JSON-encoded representation of all the fields, which seemed incorrect. Upon investigating the payload data, they found it was mishandling the object due to its representation as a string, causing it to wrap around the word "detail", resulting in output errors. They determined that discrepancy rose from the dataset function that was creating a string instead of an object. Upon sending this string to the console, it was discovered that the JSON was invalid due to the illegal use of single quotes. This highlighted that there was an inconsistency in the dataset creation that needs to be addressed to resolve the issue. Keywords mentioned: Webflow, Airtable.

(Source: Office Hours 10/31/2023 )

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