Troubleshooting Database Integration Issues between Bubble and Xano

The meeting centers around State Changer "A" troubleshooting an issue they encountered while developing a sports application with the use of "Bubble" and "Xano." The problem lies with displaying the correct team data on an event page. When clicked, the page only shows one team instead of two.

Upon investigation, the issue seems to stem from the way the calls to Xano’s API are structured. Since the application only needs players for a specific game or team rather than all players, the participant advised filtering those queries for efficiency and speed. This alteration could lighten the load on the frontend, improve performance, and enhance the user's experience. Furthermore, the meeting emphasized the usefulness of ad hoc endpoints and the importance of tailoring solutions to simplify tasks on the frontend. State Changer "B" recommended that State Changer "A" should create an endpoint in Xano that receives a single sports event ID and returns an object with the associated home and away rosters. The meeting concluded with acknowledgment and appreciation of the speed and efficiency provided by Xano, especially when compared with traditional development teams. Lastly, a critical piece of advice offered was to prioritize getting a minimum viable product (MVP) to market quickly and learning from customer feedback, rather than trying to design the perfect solution from the start.

(Source: Office Hours 8/18 )

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