Troubleshooting Database Queries in Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers assisted David in addressing a complexity regarding his usage of Xano. David was seeking to create a set from a query that would display artworks not selected in another set by a user. David's primary reference for users was a database with a table of artworks and another table where specific artworks get favorited by a member-user. He was aiming for a result that provided him with all the artworks that had not been selected as favorites for a specific user, presenting him with a complicated database management task.

To execute this, the State Changers guided David through a step-by-step process, taking advantage of Xano's features and capabilities. The meeting started with setting up two queries, one that fetches all the art that was selected by the user and another one that fetches all the art that was not selected. This formed the basis of creating a more manageable and legible array. The State Changers then assisted in generating a loop that would go through each record and add a single item, the Artwork ID, to the end of the array. Furthermore, they used the "not in" function of Xano to achieve the goal of creating a list of artworks not selected by a particular user. This advanced function signifies the kind of complexity that can arise when dealing with database management in the Xano system. By the end of the meeting, David successfully received a solution to his inquiry, adding to his understanding and usage of the Xano platform for his needs. The State Changers made arrangements for future meetings for corresponding inquiries and challenges.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23: Google Service Accounts and a Complex Database Query )

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