Troubleshooting Date Conversions and Choosing the Right Field Type

In this meeting, the participants are discussing an issue with converting a date into a timestamp. They have a field that contains an eight-digit number, with the first four digits representing the year, the next two digits representing the month, and the last two digits representing the day. The current method they are using to convert the date is working for some cases but generating an error for others. They suspect that the error is caused by dates that are before 1970, as most timestamps are calculated since then. They discuss the possibility of using a date field instead of a timestamp field and try to change it in the database. They also mention needing to run queries based on the dates and calculate the time difference between dates. They plan to use date operators for querying and converting the dates into timestamps to perform calculations. They conclude that the issue with dates before 1970 may be a bug in the product and suggest reaching out to the support team.

(Source: Office Hours 4/3 )

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