Troubleshooting Document Upload Functionality in WeWeb and Xano

This meeting among the State Changers involved technical troubleshooting for Javascript being used in WeWeb for document uploading to Xano. The code was failing to upload files correctly because it could not find the required elements. They ran several tests, examined the request history, and used a browser network traffic analysis to identify problems. After identifying errors about null reading files, they altered the code to replace 'query selector' with 'get element by ID'. However, this didn't resolve the issue and the JavaScript was still failing.

They concluded there might be some other issue with the code that needs to be addressed and made plans to share the code on a forum for further assistance. In terms of long-term approach, it was suggested to start with a functional model and then refine and optimize it based on what issues emerge during actual operation, instead of over-engineering the solution right from the start. Details of topics like LCR extraction and functions stack were also touched upon. This meeting would be beneficial for those experiencing similar issues with Javascript, WeWeb, or Xano, or interested in troubleshooting strategies and efficient coding approach discussions.

(Source: Office Hours 6/26/23 )

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