Troubleshooting Embed Script Issues and Looking into No-Code Applications for Webflow Page Development

The State Changers had a detailed discussion about an embed issue they've been experiencing. The primary focus was on the Callback URL, where a script embedded in JavaScript was discussed in depth. The specific problem was the delay experienced during the confirmation stage, where a blank screen appeared causing a poor user experience. The goal was to create a loading text that disappears when the actual content loads.

Specifically, they discussed the script structure and the function of the attached session on a system built with Xano. They also discussed the detailed workings of the create session script that included an authentication request, data record, API calls, response handling, and decoding the session URL. Protocols for handling output from the created session, API key, session ID, session URL were also dissected to understand their impact on the process. They considered retooling certain processes using Webflow and jQuery for enhanced user experience design. They also explored the possibility of simplifying the process using the vendor's prebuilt session URL payload instead of manually parsing the output. A key point was whether the code should be re-written or if there might be an easier no-code framework solution. It was decided that this would be a series of experiments. There was a mention of philosophical differences between the team and their former CTO about using no-code solutions, which highlighted the ever-present tension between code-based and no-code solutions in many tech environments. Keywords mentioned: Xano, Callback URL, JavaScript, Webflow, jQuery.

(Source: Office Hours 2/22 )

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