Troubleshooting Feature Flags and Code Errors for Improved User Interface

The State Changers meeting revolved around debugging and figuring out implementation problems with a feature flag named “CTA 5” that wasn't functioning as expected. Anthony instructed his colleague to replace the word "text" with "innerText" in the code and suggested the use of ScriptTag for faster loop testing. It was noted that ScriptTag was particularly beneficial when using Webflow, as code updates on servers happened faster, not requiring to wait for each set of changes to be published.

Through the debugging process, they found an error referring to the method "post_hoc" in their code. Upon examining, they discovered that it was not reading the override because they were using "feature_flags," which was incorrect as per their setup in PostHoc. They replaced it with "featureFlags" and ran the code using jQuery and ScriptTag to address the issue. They tested changes in real-time by replacing button text from "book a call" to "sign up for free." The debugging process also helped them to understand more about PostHoc's documentation, which had misleading information. Overall, they managed to fix the problem and discovered that ScriptTag is an effective development tool to implement updates and changes faster. They concluded that while ScriptTag is beneficial during the development stage due to its speed, directly hosting code into the page would be a more performance-efficient strategy when handling higher traffic. Keywords mentioned: PostHoc, script tag, Webflow.

(Source: Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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