Troubleshooting Firebase and Flutterflow Authentication Issues

The State Changers meeting discussed an issue encountered during mobile app development. The problem involved logging into the app using Firebase, depicted by a screenshot showing an internal error on a phone. The team attempted to diagnose the problem by investigating potential error logs from the app-development platform FlutterFlow, and Firebase. However, there were no recent sessions logged in Firebase, further baffifying their issue.

The error was specific to the application running on the phone and not happening on the simulator. In an attempt to troubleshoot, it was suggested to use an alert dialogue after each action in the FlutterFlow sequence for the login, aiming to identify which step in the sequence the error originates from. This method allows to halt after each step, providing diagnostics that highlight the problem area. For a more detailed examination, a video showcasing the issue was suggested to be created using Loom. Following the detection of the problematic step, a deep dive into the settings and specifics of that step would be initiated. The meeting concluded with the plan that if necessary, the team will reconvene the following day to continue their shared investigation. Tools such as FlutterFlow and Firebase were the main subjects of the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 3/1 )

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